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Meet the Board

Kent Roberts, Executive Director and Co-founder

Kent Roberts is the executive director of the National Civility Center. The Center is located in Muscatine, Iowa and is funded through a variety of corporations and social entrepreneurial individuals. The Civility Center serves as a fresh voice in the growing field of “community-building.” Kent is the author of two books Bring a Dish to Pass and Community Weaving. The success of these publications has been encouraging for both Kent and his co-author Dr. Jay Newman. The work of the Center continues to expand and be a catalyst for innovative action within communities across the country.

Kent spent 25 years as a teacher and coach in the public school system and began to lay the foundation for his work in community improvement. As a classroom teacher his unique methods were popular with students, parents and his educational partners. His school system and educational association nominated him for the Michigan Teacher of Year Recognition Program in 1987. His success as a coach can be measured by his high winning percentage; his teams won nearly 90% of their contests over 30 years as a head coach in both track and wrestling but his real victory was impacting the lives of the young men he served. In 1995 the wrestling community honored him by electing him to the Michigan Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Along with other community leaders, he established and became the director of the Youth and Family Office in Sturgis, Michigan in 1987. This pioneer partnership used an innovative approach, which today is recognized as effective community building. The efforts of this effective plan received statewide and national attention. In 1987 the Michigan Bar Association gave Kent their “ Liberty Bell Award.” With his experience and knowledge he has had the opportunity to speak and work with communities across the country.

Currently, Kent resides in Michigan with his wife Joani. They lead a very active life and spend much of their free time keeping up with their children and their families across the Midwest. Kent’s work has been much more than a job; it has been his passion. He sees our communities at a crossroads and strongly believes there are armies of people just waiting for the opportunity to make a difference. His goal is to create more opportunities for people to enlist in transforming their communities and making them better places to live, learn, work, pray and play.

Dr. Jay Newman, Co-founder

Former superintendent, St.Joseph’s County, Michigan Intermediate School District, a 9 school district area.  Dr. Newman holds a BA from Augustana College, Rock Island, IL; an MSEd from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL; and received his EdD in Educational Leadership from Vanderbilt University. As a recognized leader in education and building partnerships between school, youth, parents and community he has been demand as a speaker at the regional and national levels. He co-authored a book entitled Empowering Students to Transform Schools with Gary Goldman. His philosophy and passion for improvement has been the key to his success as and educator and community leader.

Jim Betts

Jim is currently working as a consultant in the fields of Leadership Development, Diversity, Pizza Franchising, Education, and the private business sector.

2003– 2006:
Senior Director Franchise Recruitment and Development

Dominos Pizza

Jim was responsible for maintaining and tracking an internal data base that drove the domestic franchising process. That tracking program resulted in the complete overhaul the Franchise Recruiting Program. As a result of this program, the number of new franchisees increased by one hundred and fifty in a two year period of time.

Jim facilitated the development of an external franchising program to stimulate the growth at a multi-unit level. Matched franchise eligible internal candidates with external investors.

Developed a financial program called “Deliver the Dream” designed to increase the number of minority franchisees by bridging the financial short fall when looking to build or purchase a store.

Diversity Director
Jim developed Domino's Pizza first diversity educational program in 1993 and then facilitated the re-development of the Diversity Educational Awareness program in 2000-01. During his tenure he facilitated classes for over 600 plus team members around the country.

Director of Employee Relations
He reduced the number employee related complaints from over 200-300 yearly to less than 100 in the first year and a half. He developed the Open Door Policy to ensure twenty-four hour follow-up on all complaints. We focused on the Discrimination and Harassment complaints to ensure the privacy of the complainants was protected and the investigative process was timely and professional.

Developed the Drug Testing program company-wide in turn we saw a direct correlation in driver accidents. Fewer driver accidents and in-store accidents translated to annual savings on Workers Comp claims and reduced insurance rates.

Jim was also, the one of the past Presidents of the Government Services Division, responsible for stores located on US military bases.

Jim’s strength lies in his ability to turn around negative and potentially hostile situations, to the benefit all involved, by creating an atmosphere where-by everyone is allowed to express their opinion and feel valued and respected.

Account Supervisor
Don Coleman & Associates (Global Hue ) Marketing Advertising
Maintained the Ford Motor accounts in Ford Merchandising, NAAO Marketing, UAW Ford, Dominos Pizza, PPOM, Ford Minority Dealers,

Prior to Dominos, he has a solid background in academics, finance, advertising and industrial development.

O. Richard Maeglin, Co-founder

Entrepreneur.  Mr. Maeglin earned his BS from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and has been an entrepreneurial businessman in the fields of insurance, real estate, travel, industrial warehousing and banking.  He has lived in Muscatine, Iowa, all his life while participating in international exchanges for over 40 years through AFS, YFU and Sister Cities.  In 1990, Mr. Maeglin founded Muscatine’s Center for Strategic Action (MCSA), an experimental collaborative community building nonprofit company.  He also founded the Support Fund, which has as its mission to support worthwhile projects thought to be too “risky” for other funders.  Mr. Maeglin is retired from business and now focuses all his efforts on the non-profit sector and community betterment issues.

Martin G. Carver

Chairman of the Board and CEO of Bandag, Inc., Muscatine, Iowa, the world’s leading manufacturer of tread rubber, equipment and materials for tire retreading.  Mr. Carver holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Iowa and an M.B.A. from Indiana University.  Prior to taking the reins at Bandag, he served as cash management analyst at The Northern Trust Company, Chicago, and as assistant treasurer of Consolidated Foods (now Sara Lee) in Chicago.  In 1986, Financial World magazine named Mr. Carver CEO of the Year in the rubber and plastics industry and in 1989 named him CEO of the Decade in the chemicals industry.  He is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the Midwest and Who’s Who in Finance and Industry.

James D. Crawley

Most recently he was a Senior Manager for a software company in Colorado Springs. He served as Director of Community Initiatives at the Franklin Covey Company for four years. At Franklin Covey, he was instrumental in establishing the company's community approach and as such was involved with community initiatives in the U.S., Canada, and South America. Prior to joining Franklin Covey, he worked for a training company in Provo, Utah, where his responsibilities included working on a Soviet business joint venture. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Brigham Young University.

Dwain Kyles

Attorney/entrepreneur.  Mr. Kyles received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC where he worked for Congressman Harold E. Ford, Sr. and for the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare in the civil rights division on school desegregation in Chicago.  He is working on two projects that will benefit youth: the Community Empowerment Consortium, a comprehensive community initiative model with the goal of reallocating social service resources more efficiently and the Youth Empowerment Project, a web-based virtual society for kids that will do for them what AARP did for senior citizens.

Dr. Larry McClellan

Director of the South Metropolitan Regional Leadership Center at Governors State University.  Dr. McClellan received his Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry degrees from the Divinity School of the University of Chicago and also earned a BA in Psychology from Occidental College.  He helped create Governors State University and served on the faculty for 17 years, including time as Chair of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences.  His research interests have focused on suburban and regional history and on racial diversity and sustainable community development.

Ann Meeker

Mrs. Meeker is self-employed, as President of American Casing Muscatine, Iowa.  She began her career in education having graduated in the top 1% of her at University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana with a Bachelor of Science in education.  She actively participates in grassroots change efforts specifically focused on the revitalization of the downtown area of Muscatine.  She and her husband have taken a truly pro-active approach by walking their talk through the purchase and renovation of a number of buildings in the historic downtown area of Muscatine.  Her passion for community and the belief that the community she lives in can become a better place through relationships and open communication brought her to the National Civility Center.

Beth W. Crookham

Ms. Crookham received her Arts Baccalaureate from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL.  She has spent over 5 years working as a community relation’s liaison both in the higher education arena and within the business sector.  She continues to work as a volunteer in numerous community improvement initiatives with the emphasis on building relationships that transcend the life of the project into foundations for continuous improvement.

Donna Gaines

As President and CEO of The Phoenix Company, Ms. Gaines has been self-employed since 1979 as an educational and technology consultant to Chicago area public, private, and parochial schools, as well as other organizations and businesses. She has years of successful experience specializing in technology and professional support services, providing innovative programs and solutions to the educational and business communities.  Affirming that educational achievement, as well as family and community support, are critical to the quality of life and future of our children, she is dedicated to the advancement of education and the continuous development of innovative, technology-based solutions that facilitate the learning process and enhance the quality of life in the community. Ms. Gaines has received numerous awards and citations for her professional and civic involvement.

Mark Newman

Mark Newman begins his fifth season as the Yankees’ Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations and his 16th season with the Yankees. Prior to being named to his current position in 2000, Mr. Newman served as the club’s Vice President of Player Development and Scouting from1997 through 1999.

During his tenure, the Yankees’ Player Development System has  been recognized for producing “home-grown” talent including All-Stars  Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Alfonso Soriano and Bernie Williams. The Yankees were selected the the 1998 “Organization of the Year” by Baseball America and the 1999 “Organization of the Year” by USA Today, designations which go to the organization with the most prospects.

Mr. Newman began his career in the Yankee organization in 1989 as Coordinator of Instruction and served in that position until his promotion to Director of Player Development and Scouting in 1996. He was named Vice President of Player Development and Scouting in 1997. In his first role with the club, he oversaw all managers and coaches in the farm system and planned both Major and Minor League spring training.

In 1972, Mr. Newman began a baseball coaching career at 22 years old as pitching coach for Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. After spending nine successful seasons there--during which he earned his law degree--he was named Head Baseball Coach at Old Dominion University in 1981. Mr. Newman’s impressive 321-167-3 record in nine seasons (1981-88) was recognized with his induction into the ODU Hall of Fame in 1997. He was inducted into the SIU Hall of Fame in 2000.

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