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How to use the Toolkit: 
To support you on your civility journey, an estimated 300 tools and resources related to civility have been compiled for The Civility Toolkit, additional tools will be added ongoing. These resources have been sorted into 12 general categories or "paths". Resources have been further organized into 7 sub-sections.

Civility in Politics
Our Favorite Tools
Civility in the Community
Leadership Skills
Social & Confidence Etiquette Skills
Communicate Civility
Featured VIDEO
Getting started:
Where possible, and to help you decide which direction to go next, resources have been labeled as: 
Beginning - suitable if you are just starting to learn about civility 
Intermediate - suitable if you already have a general understanding of civility 
Advanced - intended for workplace trainers and leaders who need tools to continue their own journey or to share with their teams.
Copyright and Usage:
We invite you to review, download and use the resources in the Toolkit for personal study and for teaching purposes. Please note that all content remains the intellectual property of the cited owner/ copyright holder and you may not reproduce or distribute the materials, in whole or in part, for the purpose of resale without permission from the copyright holder.  

Please CONTACT US if you have a question about the Toolkit or if you have a Civility Resource you'd like to submit.
In your travels through the toolkit you may encounter these symbols:

($ sign icon) indicates a fee for the resource
(featured badge) indicates this item is available as an "in-kind" donation resource
(Masonic/CC logo) indicates item is endorsed by the Freemasons' Civility Task Force
(Globe icon) indicates multilingual item
(Grad cap) indicates an advanced tool 
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